List of the Famous Opera Houses around the World

List of the Famous Opera Houses around the World

Opera houses are historical architectural sites where people travel worldwide to see the talents of skilled performers, stories, and, most importantly, famous Italian opera singers and other magnificent opera singers. For centuries, opera houses have become a tourist draw in several major cities. Each opera house in a distinct location has its own history; nevertheless, some are slightly more prominent than others. The following are some of the most notable opera houses around the globe that you should be aware of.

La Scala, Milan in Italy

The La Scala opera theatre in Milan was established in 1778 and is one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. The best Italian artists of the time are responsible for building the opera theatre. It houses a gallery of paintings, sketches, and costumes that educate the audience on the history of opera. This opera building has also hosted great artists like Donizetti, Puccini, Salieri, and Rossini, among others. La Scala is currently both a museum and an opera venue, with guided tours allowing visitors to learn about the city’s cultural history.

Paris Opera, France

Paris is renowned as the fashion hub of the world. However, it is also well-known for the beautiful Paris Opera House. The Paris Opera, created in 1669 by King Louis XIV of France, is believed to be one of France’s most renowned opera theatres. The opera house is a massive structure with a large orchestra and stunning concerts that take place there. When you first enter the Paris Opera, you will be overwhelmed by the splendour of the opera house, which is filled with intricate designs and exquisite furnishings.

Vienna State Opera, Austria

Vienna State Opera

In Vienna, you should surely see magnificent opera theatre, with its ancient majestic statues and superb artwork on the roof. The Vienna State Opera is a 19th-century monument that stands majestically in the city’s centre.

The opera theatre was inaugurated by Mozart’s premier Don Giovanni, and notable emperors of the period were present for the ceremony. The Vienna State Opera is presently regarded as one of the world’s most renowned opera houses.

Visitors to this opera house can see some of the spectacular artwork and the splendid interiors and lavish decoration surrounding the opera house. Visitors from all around the world can come here as guided tours are available in various languages. Furthermore, if you want to make a particular event special, you can reserve a hall in this prominent opera theatre.

The Royal Opera House, England

The Royal Opera House in London began in the 18th century and has attracted a large audience. This opera building was mainly favoured by the famed German composer George Frideric Handel, who wrote several compositions alone.

The Royal Opera House is today regarded as one of the most famous and influential opera houses globally, making it a popular tourist destination in London. The opera building not only hosts performances but also offers guided tours. It provides a dining facility and drinks under a stunning glass canopy.