Interesting Facts About Theatre You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Theatre You Should Know

Theatre has existed in the world since the Shakespearean era. So, these theatres have a lot of history and are undoubtedly full of interesting facts that most people aren’t aware of today. Some may appear amusing and entertaining, while others may have historical significance. We’ve collected a list of some intriguing facts to help you learn more about the theatres you see today.

Globe theatre to be the only one with a thatched roof

The Globe Theatre is well-known for being part-owned by the famed dramatist and poet William Shakespeare. Since the theatre was built in 1599, it has a lot of historical importance. As a result, it is the sole facility in London authorised to have a thatched roof above it to keep its authenticity and originality from ancient times. Even after the Great Fire of 1666, the decision was not reversed, and it currently stands tall with its historical significance intact and brilliance in place to this day.

The first theatre was built by the ancient greeks

The first theatre, known as the Theatre of Dionysius, was erected approximately 500 BC in Athens and is known to be the world’s first permanent theatre and has established its place on the Guinness World Records. The theatre structure is spherical, with stone rows built up in between, facing the stage. The theatre can accommodate over 17,000 people. Several events, including comedies and tragedies, have been organised in the theatre, and it is still used for several notable American productions.

The first theatre

The roots of theatre are religious

Yes, you read that correctly! The early historians and philosophers believed that theatres had religious origins. In the past, people mainly utilised theatres for religious ceremonies, where they would attend solely to watch rather than participate. Because attending religious rites was a regular aspect of their religion (Greek), it appears as if the transition into institutionalised theatre was pretty seamless, making the concept clear.

A theatre that stands on the pool of beer

A West End theatre known as The Dominion Theatre has an interesting history. When the Great Beer Flood occurred on the site in 1814, The Dominion Theatre was present and is so recognised to be standing on the pool of beer. The flood was caused mainly by the Horse Shoe Brewery’s collapsing, which heavily drowned the surrounding area. This catastrophe killed eight people and destroyed the area, with 570 tonnes of beer flowing rapidly, generating a 15-foot high wave.

The haunting of Theatre Royal Drury Lane

The theatre is one of the oldest theatres in London, and its ancient building brings a wealth of tales with it. The theatre is supposed to be haunted, with witnesses seeing a man between the hours of ten and six. He is seen dressed in 18th-century clothes. A human skeleton was discovered while the theatre was renovated, with a knife thrust into his chest.