by Giacomo Puccini
April 12 & 13, 2013 – 8pm

Act 1: Cesare Angelotti, a political prisoner, escapes and seeks refuge in the Attavanti chapel. Mario Cavaradossi arrives to continue his painting of Mary Magdalene, which very much resembles Angelotti’s sister, the Marchesa Attavanti. Cavaradossi finds Angelotti and quickly hides him as Tosca, his lover, approaches. Tosca, overcome by jealousy, is suspicious of Cavaradossi and the inspiration for his painting. Cavaradossi assures Tosca of his fidelity and she leaves. While discussing their next move, Cavaradossi and Angelotti hear a cannon signaling that the police have discovered Angelotti’s escape. They rush to Cavaradossi’s villa.  Chief of police, Baron Scarpia, comes to the chapel in search of Angelotti; looking for her lover, Tosca quickly follows. Scarpia shows Tosca the fan imprinted with the Attavanti family crest that he has found among Cavaradossi’s things. He cleverly convinces her of Cavaradossi’s unfaithfulness. Tosca vows vengeance against her lover and leaves. Scarpia dispatches his men to follow her home, hoping it will lead to Angelotti.

Act II:While Scarpia is eating dinner in an upper apartment of the Farnese palace, his spy, Spoletto, arrives with Cavaradossi. Cavaradossi is interrogated while Tosca is heard singing in the gala downstairs. She enters just as Cavaradossi is taken to a new room to be tortured. Scarpia turns his interrogation to Tosca.  After struggling with the will of Scarpia mixed with hearing the screams of her lover in the next room, Tosca reveals Angelotti’s hiding place.  Furious and betrayed, Cavaradossi is taken to prison.  Now alone, Scarpia promises Cavaradossi’s safe return in exchange for a night with Tosca. Scarpia promises to stage Cavaradossi’s execution.  Tosca reluctantly agrees to Scarpia’s plan. Spoletto rushes in with news that Angelotti, having been captured, took his own life. Spoletto leaves while Scarpia writes a letter ensuring Tosca and Cavaradossi’s safe passage out of the city.  As soon as Tosca has the letter, she stabs Scarpia and flees to her imprisoned lover.

Act III: Tosca arrives at the prison and delivers the good news to Cavaradossi. She tells him of the mock execution and how to convincingly fake his death. The firing squad arrives to take him to his execution.  After the soldiers leave, Tosca urges Cavaradossi to hurry; when he doesn’t move she realizes Scarpia’s betrayal. The bullets were real and Cavaradossi is now dead. Spoletto returns to arrest Tosca after finding Scarpia dead. Vowing to face Scarpia before God, Tosca leaps to her death.


Tosca – Kathy Pyeatt
Cavaradossi – Stephen Mark Brown
Scarpia – Galen Scott Bower
Cesare Angelotti – Dominic Aquilino
Spoletta – Ric Furman
Sacristan – Roberto Flores
Sciarrone – Jonathan Ross

Production Staff

Director – David Carl Toulson
Conductor – Dan Allcott
Scenic Designer/Painter – Julie K Ross
Production Stage Manager – Mary Parisi
Assistant Stage Manager – Stacie Worrell
Lighting Designer – Erik McDaniel
Technical Director – David Bortle
Costume – Jayne Harnett – Hargrove
Makeup – Patricia Zinke

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