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Asheville Lyric Opera Guild

Asheville Lyric Opera Guild grew out of a small group of opera enthusiasts in Western North Carolina. This group of visionaries began to look for opportunities to develop a greater relationship between ALO and the Asheville community. The Guild has now expanded to 50 members across the Asheville, Black Mountain, and Montreat regions of North Carolina.

Initially, the Guild served to promote community outreach through home recitals, lunch concerts, and annual picnics. From there, this expanded into directly supporting young, emerging operatic artists. The Guild provides opportunities for scholarship for students of ALO’s Young Artist Program and assists in coordinating housing for the performers.

In addition, the Guild provides personal service opportunities in support of ALO performances and activities. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, ushering for ALO’s operas at the Diana Wortham Theatre, as well as ushering for MetHD presentations at Carolina Cinemas in Asheville. Of the 50 Guild members, 30-40 are involved in ushering each year.  MetHD events will be announced as the upcoming Met season approaches.

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