Don Giovanni

One of Mozart’s darkest operas, Don Giovanni retells the story of the fabled character, Don Juan. This story of insatiable lust will shock and satisfy audiences of all types.  Baritone Galen Scott Bower, last seen as Baron Scarpia in ALO’s production of Tosca, returns to play the title role of Don Giovanni. Conductor and Artistic Director of Union Avenue Opera, Scott Schoonover, returns to conduct. Renowned opera star and ALO friend, David Malis, returns to direct after 5 years.


Principal Cast (Click on photos for artist websites)

Galen Scott Bower

Galen Scott Bower, Don Giovanni



Jon Ross picJonathan Ross, Leporello




Kathy Pyeatt, Donna Elvira


GrantKnox TasteGrant Knox, Don Ottavio



Kristin K Vogel HeadshotKristen Vogel, Donna Anna



Randa picRanda Rouweyha, Zerlina



GCoxGeoff Cox, Commendatore



Aquilino headshot beardDominic Aquilino, Masetto



 !Schoonover,-Scott(1)Scott Schoonover, Conductor







Production Design: Julie Ross/ Vision Productions (New Production)

Don Giovanni – Synopsis

Act 1

      The curtain opens on a quiet 17th century Spanish street outside the Commentator’s house, late at night.  Leporello, Don Giovanni’s man servant, laments his status as an accomplice to the Don’s foul behavior. He stands guard, waiting on his master, Don Giovanni to return from breaking into Donna Anna’s bed chamber. He hides at the approach of Donna Anna who is pursuing Don Giovanni (who conceals his face). Donna Anna’s father, Il Commendatore, confronts Don Giovanni and they duel. The old man is slain by Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni and Leporello escape. Donna Anna returns, calling for Don Ottavio, and faints over the body. She responds to Don Ottavio’s pledge to be husband and father to her by demanding an oath of vengeance.
      Later at dawn, Donna Elvira, arriving from Burgos just outside Seville, is pursuing her betrayer. Don Giovanni senses the presence of a woman and pursues the distressed lady but soon realizes it is Donna Elvira.  She believes they are married.  He escapes after her scolding and lament of his betrayal of affection, leaving Leporello to show her the catalogue of his many conquests. Leporello leaves her to vent her frustration and hurt in private.
      The scene changes and now it is mid-morning. Peasants surround bride-to-be and groom-to-be Zerlina and Masetto. Don Giovanni invites the peasants to his house for fun and treats, dimissing the jealous Masetto as he plans to keep Zerlina in his company. Giovanni flatters Zerlina with an offer of marriage. Zerlina worries about Masetto, but finally falls prey to Don Giovanni’s confident plea. Donna Elvira arrives just in time and warns Zerlina to flee this traitor. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio greet Don Giovanni as a friend. Don Giovanni offers his assistance with exquisite grace. Donna Elvira interrupts them. She warns Donna Anna not to trust Don Giovanni.  Donna Anna and Don Ottavio are confused. Don Giovanni tries to hush Donna Elvira and tells the couple that she is mad. Don Giovanni bids the couple farewell after Donna Elvira departs. At this moment, Donna Anna realizes that he was the perpetrator of her household and murderer of her father.  She explains her realization and the events from the night of her father’s death to Don Ottavio and vows to avenge her father. Don Ottavio is perplexed and shocked that Don Giovanni is the villain, but stands by his role as supporter of Donna Anna. Don Giovanni congratulates Leporello on helping rid him of Donna Elvira and prepares for an exciting evening of parties and conquests.
      Later that afternoon in Giovanni’s garden,Zerlina wins Masetto back using her charm. When she hears Don Giovanni’s voice, she is excited but scared. Don Giovanni gives orders to his servants for the evening’s festivities and begins to spy on Zerlina. After Zerlina and Masetto both hide, they decide to go inside together. Donna Elvira leads Donna Anna and Don Ottavio towards Don Giovanni’s party.  They are dressed up as maskers for the ball, concealing their identities. Leporello sees them and invites them to join the party. They pray that justice and peace will be the result of their plan.
     The story continues that evening in Giovanni’s ballroom. The maskers enter the party and are greeted with a toast.  Leporello forces Masetto to dance. Don Giovanni drags Zerlina into another room. She screams; Masetto rushes after them. All gather around the scene.  Don Giovanni blames the deed on Leporello and offers to kill him on the spot. Zerlina and the maskers, now revealing themselves, are not fooled and denounce Don Giovanni.  Once again, he escapes.


Act II

     In the street, Don Giovanni scorns Leporello for attempting to resign. Leporello tells his master to give up women but Don Giovanni refuses, telling him he must have them. Leporello is forced to switch clothes with Don Giovanni in order to seduce Donna Elvira’s maid. Donna Elvira is seen on a balcony, pondering her confused heart. Don Giovanni calls to her, and she denounces him as he pleads with her for acceptance. Donna Elvira, hopeful, comes down to meet Don Giovanni, who is really Leporello in disguise. Leporello enjoys the confusion. Don Giovanni, in disguise, sends them away so he can serenade and hopefully seduce the maid.  However, Masetto and a group of peasants, bearing weapons, are hunting Don Giovanni.  Still in disguise, Don Giovanni gives Masetto and his followers instructions on how they might find the scoundrel. He asks Masetto to stay with him and then beats him. Zerlina comes to Masetto and comforts him.
     In Dona Anna’s courtyard, Leporello, seeing lights, moves with Donna Elvira into the dark. She asks him not to leave her, but he exits. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio arrive, still on their search. Zerlina and Masetto arrive next and all of them see Leporello in Don Giovanni’s clothes.  They denounce him, but Donna Elvira runs forward and pleas for their mercy. Leporello reveals his true identity, and all are stunned. After moments of confusion, they all turn on Leporello, who escapes. Don Ottavio decides to take more direct action and vows to avenge his love and her father.
     That night in a graveyard, Don Giovanni and Leporello reunite and Leporello explains that he has almost been killed. Don Giovanni brags on his latest conquest and laughter is heard. They see the statue of Il Commendatore and Leporello is forced to read the inscription: I await vengeance on the villain who slew me. Don Giovanni forces Leporello to invite the statue to dinner at his house. The statue accepts the invitation.
     Don Ottavio, frustrated that Donna Anna will not yet return his affection, calls her cruel.  She explains to him that she cares for him, but that now is not the time for discussions of romance.  Until her father’s death has been avenged, she cannot move forward.  She tells him that one day this terrible situation will be resolved and there will be joy in their lives again.
     Don Giovanni returns to his house and begins his meal before the arrival of his invited guest. Taking one last attempt to bring Don Giovanni to repentance, Donna Elvira bursts in to warn him of the consequences of his actions. He makes fun of her and invites her to join them. Donna Elvira runs away and a scream is heard. Leporello follows after her and also screams in terror, seeing the statue, who has arrived at Don Giovanni’s request.  Leporello hides under the table and Don Giovanni opens the door. The statue warns him to repent or suffer eternal consequences.  Don Giovanni refuses to repent. The statue drags Don Giovanni into the eternal flames of punishment. The others rush on, only to find Leporello, who explains the prior moments. Don Ottavio now petitions his case to Donna Anna. She tells him to wait one year, and then they will have their wedding. Donna Elvira decides to retire to a convent, and Zerlina and Masetto will now marry. Leporello resolves to find another master. All join together to urge the moral of the story.

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